TLE Observatories in Europe


1.- Observatory Midi - Pyréenées (OMP) located at Pic du Midi de Bigorre on the French high Pyrenees

Location: Latitude 42º56'12'' N; Longitude 8º0'34'' E; Altitude: 2877 m. 

TLE are observed from Pic du Midi since the year 2003.


2.- Monte Corona, Corsica, France

Location: Latitude 42º27'36'' N; Longitude 8°55'12.00"E; Altitude: 2143 m.


TLE are observed from Monte Corona since the year 2008.


3.- Calar Alto Observatory, Almería, Spain

Location: Latitude 37º13'25''N; Longitude 2º32'46''W; Altitude: 2168 m.

TLE are observed from Calar Alto Observatory (2.2 m dome) since the year 2011.